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Solid TIMBER/Hardwood Flooring Installation

Solid Timber/Hardwood flooring is a method of installing timber flooring.

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Wide range of styles and colours available

More variety of species available, including New Zealand natives

Can be used with radiant heat
Solid Timber / Hardwood is easy to maintain

Durable - lasts 50 to 100 years

Adds value to the property - may make a property easier to sell

Can be supplied at varying widths and thicknesses

Some are easy to install

Some can be installed below grade

Can be installed direct to floor joists

Recycled flooring can be installed

Solid Timber / Hardwood can be refinished

Can be installed in various patterns - e.g. borders, curves, inlays (ships deck), parquet

Stair nosings are integrated into stairs more easily 

Can be installed before a kitchen, then sanded and coated after kitchen finished

Typically costs more to install, as Solid Timber Flooring MUST be glued down

Some timbers difficult to install

Some can’t be used below grade

Less stable: higher chance of shrinkage and cupping than

Engineered Timber Flooring

Moisture sensitive: must be acclimatised to the environment in which the floor will be installed in, for at least three weeks prior to installation (very important that the moisture content of the flooring is similar to the internal pre existing timber - e.g. subfloor, framing, etc.)

Project takes longer due to sanding and coating (typically one coat per day, three coats minimum)

Creates dust and fumes

Nobody can be in the home/building whilst sanding and finishing is underway

No access to timber floor during coating stage

If damage occurs, often requires the entire area to be re-sanded and coated

Additional costs if the flooring is stained or bleached

More chance of imperfections in the timber, due to being machined directly from raw material





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