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Glue Down Flooring Installation

Glue Down flooring is a method of installing timber flooring. Timber flooring can be glued to most subfloors - once the subfloor is cleaned and prepared, the timber flooring can be glued in place.

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Glue Down Flooring



Far superior installation method compared to Floating Flooring

Solid underfoot - floor does not move or creak

Vast areas can be installed without expansion bars

Can install kitchen on top of Glue

Down Flooring 

Can fix to floor if need be

Floor can finish 3mm from joinery.

Gap can be filled with colour-matching silicon, or be covered by a profile

Less subfloor prep than Floating

Flooring installation

Generally less problems than Floating

Flooring installation

Moisture barrier needed for concrete

More expensive to install than Floating Flooring

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