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ENGINEERED TIMBER Flooring Installation

Engineered Timber flooring is a method of installing timber flooring.

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More stable due to ply core and backing: won’t cup or expand and contract like Solid Timber

Prefinished: no sanding and coating onsite - doesn't restrict access or create fumes

Generally less expensive than Solid Timber

Engineered Timber can be installed glued down or floated (floated costs less)

Consistent colours - as per samples

Can be re-sanded and finished at least twice (three times if top layer is 5mm)

Some have a bevelled edge design which aesthetically enhances the joins

Typically less expensive to repair individual boards: can isolate the damaged area rather than re-sanding and coating the entire floor

Engineered Timber can be used with a wide range of aluminium trims

Must be installed in a traditional long run pattern (not suitable for intricate work; borders, inlays etc.)

Limited range of colours: can't colour match to other colours in the property 

Kitchens: product is prefinished, so installing flooring first risks damage from other trades

Does not come with matching nosings for stair work (however Wood Appeal Flooring makes matching nosings)​

Engineered Timber Flooring

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