Transform your space with floating timber flooring

Floating Flooring Installation

Floating Flooring is the name for laminate or engineered timber flooring installed over an underlay. This flooring is designed to click together and is installed on top of the underlay, where the total weight of the floor holds it in place.


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Floating Timber Flooring



The installation process is fast and cost effective

Can be installed over most subfloors

No coatings required - can be lived or worked on immediately

Floating Flooring can be lifted and reused elsewhere

Not as solid underfoot as Glue Down Flooring

Expansion needed everywhere on perimeter 

U channels and expansion bars needed 

Limited total length can be laid before expansion bar needed

Laminate can’t be glued down to subfloor

Floor may creak a little when overnight contraction has occurred

More subfloor preparation typically needed

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